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Château des Poupets

About Château des Poupets

Step into the Timeless Charm of Château des Poupets, a captivating vineyard nestled in the heart of Juliénas, amid the picturesque landscapes of Beaujolais. This storied estate seamlessly blends tradition, history, and winemaking artistry, as meticulously tended vines embrace a splendid house with Lyon silk magnate origins, radiating refined elegance. With origins tracing back to 1847, Château des Poupets stands as a tribute to generations of dedication, overseen today by a devoted team who continue the legacy. A hallmark of their craft is the 'grillage' technique, where immersed marc cap treatment draws out deep color and velvety tannins, creating wines of harmonious complexity. Beyond its doors lies a vaulted cellar that cradles forty oak barrels, maturing wines to perfection. Embracing modernity, the château has offered a charming Bed and Breakfast experience since 2011, inviting visitors to be part of its rich heritage. Within Château des Poupets' tranquil beauty, time seems to pause, inviting guests to relish each sip and connect with the enduring passion that defines this remarkable estate.

Our Legacy of Excellence

Our journey commenced in 1847, marking the birth of a legacy that has weathered the test of time. With origins tied to Lyon's illustrious silk magnates, Château des Poupets carries a sense of refined elegance, a testament to the splendid former residence that graces our estate. This legacy has been carefully cultivated over years of tireless dedication, embodying our commitment to producing wines of unparalleled distinction.

A Symphony of Tradition
and Innovation

Step into the heart of our estate, and you'll find a meticulous fusion of tradition and innovation. Our vineyards, lovingly tended by generations, yield grapes that reflect the unique terroir of our region. The art of winemaking here is a dance between timeless techniques and modern craftsmanship, resulting in wines that bridge the gap between heritage and progress.

The Timeline

The timeline story about
Château Des Poupets

Inception of a Legacy
The viticultural journey of Château des Poupets begins, marking the inception of its winemaking legacy.
Elegance Embraces the Estate
The estate finds a new steward as the château is acquired by a Lyon silk magnate, becoming a testament to elegance and heritage.
A Passing, A Turning Point
A turning point as the passing of a significant figure sets the stage for the next chapter. Madame Jorcin's presence becomes crucial to the estate's continuation.
Tending to Tradition
The château experiences a period of revitalization as vineyards are meticulously tended, reinforcing a commitment to quality.
Balancing Tradition and Modernity
Innovations in winemaking techniques take root, embracing a balance between tradition and modernity to enhance the wines' character.
Crafting Complexity with 'Grillage'
The 'grillage' technique, a hallmark of Château des Poupets' craftsmanship, gains recognition for its role in producing wines of exceptional complexity.
Doors Open to History
The château opens its doors to offer a charming Bed and Breakfast experience, inviting guests to immerse in its aura and history.
International Recognition
A landmark year as Château des Poupets gains recognition for its wines on an international stage, solidifying its reputation for excellence.
Celebrating 170 Years of Dedication
The estate celebrates its 170th anniversary, a testament to enduring passion and dedication that have shaped its remarkable journey.
Millennium Grappa
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Flourishing in Time's Embrace
Today, Château des Poupets continues to flourish as a haven of winemaking artistry and heritage, inviting visitors to relish each moment within its serene embrace.
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